SARA Technology Paint Removers

Destabilize the Bond between Coating and Substrate

Napier Environmental Technologies RemovALL™ Paint removers have been a staple of the DTEPStore for more than 10 years. We receive countless calls from painting contractors and homeowners alike who have seen the product rerun time and time again on This Old House TV.

Manufacturing & Production

Napier Environmental Technologies sold to FreeWorld Environmental Technologies in 2008 thus moving the manufacturing process from Canada to Australia. In 2012 Kansai Paints purchased Freeworld Coatings and transferred the manufacturing process to South Africa. In 2012 US supply was limited to sporadic shipments arriving by ocean cargo vessel.  Shortly thereafter manufacturing and production facilites were purchased by a Chinese corporation.   Therefore Removall™ production is currently limited to China.  Since 2013 no ocean shipments have arrived in the US.


Summing It All Up

There are two main players in the SARA / DORADO technology paint remover field.  Freeworld Environmental Technologies the makers of RemovALL™ and Eldorado Chemical Solutions the makers of DoradoStrip.  DoradoStrip manufacturing came to exist during the split-up of the original Napier company by some of the plant workers and chemists. They began the manufacture of a “ like product “ (i.e. using the same SARA / DORADO technology). The DoradoStrip Brand continues to be manufactured in the US and is widely available.  The RemovALL™ Brand is available in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.


Our View from Here

We have always carried both brands, and while most folks call for the name brand we regrettably are often out of stock.  On March 11, 2013 the US Importer advised us that  Removall™ products would no longer be available.  Therefore, we wanted you to be aware that an alternate choice does exist.